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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Walking to work birds

I have a mile to walk to work. There are several routes available - a dash through the streets, or a more leisurely route along the towpath of the Grand Union Canal or the cycle path by the River Soar, which runs roughly parallel to the canal. The river has some neglected bushy bits sprung up on spaces of industrial dereliction, and some stands of willow. I guess this represents about as natural a habitat as you can get close to a city centre.

Since I started this walk on 7th September 2005 I have kept a record of bird species identified. I have my little rules about this. For example, I'm allowed to vary my route at will, even if it is a bit out of my way, but I mustn't retrace my steps. Birds must be seen, not just heard. I must be walking to (or from) work - I can't count the Kestrel I saw when going shopping at lunch time. And, yes, I've included feral pigeons and the piebald Greylags on the canal - hey, this is for fun, not ornithological research!

Here is the list so far, cast in order of apearance. I'll update it as and when I see something new.

1.Feral Pigeon; 2.Moorhen; 3.Goldfinch; 4.Mute Swan; 5.Canada Goose; 6.Starling; 7.Woodpigeon; 8.Dunnock; 9.Meadow Pipit; 10.Blue Tit; 11.Blackbird; 12.Skylark; 13.Magpie; 14.Chaffinch; 15.Carrion Crow; 16.Grey Wagtail; 17.Mallard; 18.Pied Wagtail; 19.Mistle Thrush; 20.Great Tit; 21.Long-tailed Tit; 22.Black-headed Gull; 23.Robin; 24.Collared Dove; 25.Cormorant; 26.Grey Lag Goose; 27.Lesser Black-backed Gull; 28.Song Thrush; 29.House Sparrow; 30.Greenfinch; 31.Wren; 32.Bullfinch 33.Little Grebe; 34.Fieldfare; 35. Kestrel; 36.Goldcrest; 37.Chiffchaff; 38.Redwing; 39.Willow Warbler; 40. Whitethroat; 41.Blackcap; 42. Swift; 43. Grey Heron.
List updated 06 June 2006


Blogger Simon said...

well jim. I have to say I wish I could walk to work, and I think your rules about spotting and not retracing your steps seem very honorable indeed.

5:39 am  

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