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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Maalie in Scotland

After a rather hectic first year of retirement, Maalie feels he needs a break. Accordingly, he is escaping to go camping in Scotland for a few days. See you all next week.


Blogger Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

You bring a whole new meaning to the word "retirement". I live in hope of one day doing the same :-)

9:47 am  
Blogger Maalie said...

Hmmm. I expect I will need to wear my long-johns and socks in my sleeping bag at this time of the year. It's no challenge if there;s no ice on your tent.

10:21 am  
Blogger simon said...

ha ah!

11:28 am  
Blogger simon said...

ps... One year ago we were having a beer on the banks of the Darling river mate....

11:29 am  
Blogger Maalie said...

Ah yes, I remember it well! And I recall that the tin had a chance to warm up to a decent temperature!

11:33 am  
Blogger Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

The words "camping" and "Scotland" were never meant to sit next to each other, add in the month of "October" and certain people may fear for your sanity. Take this from an original Aberdonian, 'tis a sure sign demensia has got you firmly in it's sights, bonny lad!

Ah well, don't say you weren't warned. Enjoy (shudder).

5:35 pm  
Blogger Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

I had to wear long johns inside my sleeping bag, inside my swag in the middle of the Oz desert in July! So, been there, done that, but we were lucky enough to not get the ice like they had the week before!

7:39 pm  
Anonymous Ellee said...

Good for you, we are all envious.

7:50 pm  
Blogger lorenzothellama said...

Poor Maalie. You really need a holiday. I hope you have a nice restful time.
Don't forget your hotwater bottle.
Love Lorenzo.

9:25 am  
Anonymous Ellee said...

I remember eating the most delicious scallops in Scotland, the best ever caught in a local loch. Watch out for Nessie.

9:51 pm  
Blogger Merisi said...

What, no electric blanket? ;-)))

Hope you did not forget this!

Have a great time!

7:52 am  
Blogger TCA said...

Surely you will be sleeping in your X-trail and running everything off the ciggerette lighter, including your tartan electric foot muff.


7:58 am  
Blogger lorenzothellama said...

Aren't you back yet? Maybe you just need an extra day on holiday.

7:10 pm  
Blogger Merisi said...

do you think they have made Maalie into the King of Scots by now? ;-)

3:29 pm  

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