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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kayak fishing

Fishing from kayaks for food is an ancient skill developed by the Inuit and other indigenous people living in the Arctic regions, who used the boats to hunt on inland lakes, rivers and the coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean (indeed 'kayak' is an Inuit word). In recent times the manufacture of recreational kayaks from strong, light-weight materials has resulted in a gain in popularity of fishing from kayaks for sport. There are a number of web-sites devoted to this activity.

Recently my friend 'Drinking Ken' brought his kayak to Cumbria to join me for some sessions of kayak fishing on Coniston Water.

Ken's kayak is the sleek, classical "sit inside" type and although not designed for fishing,
he was able to adapt with some ingenious modifications

My own kayak is of the "sit on top" style and, although not as elegant as Ken's,
is more suitable for fishing

If Ken looks the more stylish, guess who caught the fish!
A small pike of about 3 pounds weight

But that was a mere tiddler compared to the monster I had caught a few days before,
weighing in at eleven and a quarter pounds. Use the net as a scale to compare the two fish.

Maalie in kayak-fishing battle-dress with his pike!

So what next?
Well, take a look at this - we can but dream!


Blogger Badger said...

You look excellent as a Commando Maalie. And what a fish!

8:39 pm  
Blogger Charles Gramlich said...

Nice one!

8:51 pm  
Blogger simon said...

My kayak is the same as kens!! TOP fish mate!

2:25 am  
Blogger Ellee Seymour said...

Wow, that's impressive Maalie.

8:46 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have you tried canoeing from Askam?

I bought an Ocean Kayak "Prowler 15" to just float in and out on the tides in the Duddon but have never tried it. Apparently on a good tide and if there is plenty of water in the beck you can get above Duddon Bridge.

My canoe has a large bay at the back which is big enough as a seat but seems to be intended for large American fishermen to house a coolbox full of goodies for fishing expeditions!

People have canoed down Black Beck, so I suppose we could paddle virtually to the door of The Punch Bowl!

We have a smaller Kayak which we use off Silecroft for surfing. I suppose it could be used for fishing.

Best wishes,

Jon of The Hill

8:43 pm  
Blogger donsands said...

What an interesting post!

That's quite a challenging way to fish.
I wonder, does Pike have a good taste, or is it simply a sporting fish to catch?

My wife caught a Striped Bass this past summer, and the captain of the boat, took the 18" Rock Fish to the Chef at our Inn (
And Chef Mark cooked it up superbly for us.
It was quite a treat.

If you ever visit the States, and stop by Maryland look me up, and we'll have a dinner.

11:35 pm  
Blogger Maalie said...

badger: Thanks mate - it's onky a wet-suit with a life jacket with some pockets!

Charles Gramlich: Thanks!

Simon: Yes it put up quite a fight!

Ellee: Thanks!

Jon of the Hill: Interesting, I have replied by private email.

Donsands: I will take you up on that!

11:24 am  
Blogger lorenzothellama said...

Poor little bugger. I suppose you ate it?

5:56 pm  
Anonymous jozien said...

hi Maalie! I just googled ravens, and came out to your blog, i might use one of your photos for a painting i am doing. is that okay?
Looks like your having fun!

10:30 pm  
Blogger Maalie said...

Feel free jozien, thank you for asking. I would be interested to see the final product :-)

9:15 am  
Blogger Lana Gramlich said...

Looks yummy!

4:19 am  
Anonymous Benny said...

Looks very peaceful and quiet. Perfect to relax from a busy week of work I guess! Exactly what I need this week!

8:44 am  

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