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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A cracked chamber pot

A cracked chamber pot is axiomatically not fit for purpose. However, these charming old receptacles need not be thrown away - they are fit for something.

For example, a pot for hyacinths

Today it is Pancake Day in England. Also known variously as Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras. You are supposed to stuff yourself with all things good, before enduring 40 days of misery, deprivation and self-flagellation.

Indeed I stuffed myself.

Ingredients for my pancakes (going round the table approximately clockwise): packet of chopped nuts; Innis and Gunn hand-crafted Scottish beer 6.6%; McEwan's Export Beer; Port wine; banana; lemon; crushed Cadbury's chocolate flake; Wildkirsch Schnapps; sugar bowl; whipped double cream jug; tin of golden syrup; four pancakes.

I shall sleep well tonight. And suffer a miserable first day of Lent.


Blogger simon said...

where is the cherry ripe?? That Scottish ale looks good as do the pancakes.

What pagan festival can we celebrate in April mate?

9:57 pm  
Blogger lorenzothellama said...

Bet you are constipated tomorrow!

10:32 pm  
Blogger simon said...

was it miserable mate?

8:18 pm  
Blogger Ellee Seymour said...

What a feast. And what do you plan to give up for Lent?

8:07 pm  

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